Hey everyone! My name is Lisa and welcome to my blog! I am a tried and true Kentuckian and an average, quarter-life woman. I consider myself a healthy food lover, junk food junkie, exercise advocate, and crochet addict!

In 2013, I married the most wonderful man and inherited the basketball coach’s lifestyle. Being a basketball coach’s wife is hard and demanding, but astonishingly rewarding.

I use my blog as a channel to share my basketball coach stories, meet others that share this wife life, and all the other random things I love along the way.

With all of that being said, enjoy reading about my uncommon life as a coach’s wife!



Q:  Were you a basketball fan before becoming a coach’s wife?
Yes and no.  If I hadn’t cheered for my university in college, I probably would never have attended a UPIKE basketball game at all.  Granted, I loved to have a team to cheer for, but I didn’t know what many of the calls were.  Now that I live a basketball life, I know a quite a bit more (at least I like to think I do), and I always have a team to cheer for – I enjoy watching and cheering for the Bears more.


Q:  What are some of the perks/setbacks of being a coach’s wife?
Perk – tee shirts.
Setback – We can’t plan more than a week in advance (during the season).
Perk – game tickets.
Setback – SWEAT PANTS.  The team usually gets matching sweats…lots of them…and when you work for a long period of time, they begin to pile up.  They also never tend to dry after one cycle (How does one person acquire so many sweats?!?!)
Perk – I gain more and more family members in the players and other coaches/wives as the years and seasons come and go.
Perk – When my husband is home, I don’t take our time together for granted!


Q:  How did the idea for this blog get created?

The idea began when my friend began a beauty and lifestyle blog.  As I read her posts about makeup brushes,
skincare, and such, I began thinking it would be a great idea to find a basketball coach’s wife blog.  I wanted to see how they live and how they manage their time.  I just wanted to know 
I wasn’t going through this journey alone.  Let me just say, coaches’ wives’ blogs are few and far between and only a handful of these kind exist.  Then, TA-DA!!! You find yourself reading about my uncommon life as a basketball wife.  My blog is truly the closest way to describing our lifestyle that I can get – one post at a time.


Q:  Do you ever get lonely while your coach is out of town?
Sure, I do.  Wouldn’t you get lonely if your husband went away on a trip for a night, or two, or even a week?  I haven’t been much of a driver, especially during the winter months, but lately when my husband leaves on business trips I find myself either making a two-hour trek to my in-laws or at home crocheting. Sometimes I clean our house.  Sometimes I cook. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I do ALL of the above. More times than not, I find myself talking to our dog!

If you are a veteran, or even a rookie, coach’s wife, I would love to know your story!