Being A Coach’s Wife

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There are many perceptions of being a coach’s wife.  Many wives are confused to be the kind of women that wear a lot of makeup and sit in the bleachers on game day, yelling a little too loud.  I am here to say…there’s more to being a coach’s wife.

Being a coach’s wife is…

  • saying ‘no’ or ‘maybe, another time’ to friends and family because…well, because [insert sport here]


  • staying up late the night before a game to make sure your coach has clean undershirts. Then waking up early the next morning to make sure those clean clothes are dry.


  • eating dinner at 11 PM because the game/practice ended a little later than usual.


  • sitting in the locker room after the game to make sure you get a little talk time before going to bed.


  • inviting players to Christmas dinner because they couldn’t make it home for the holidays.


  • biting your tongue when a parent yells some not-so-nice things.


  • biting your tongue when a referee makes a silly call.


  • eating dinner alone on travel weekends.


  • getting ready to go out only to realize you only have shirts in school colors.


  • planning vacations around the preseason, regular season, and recruiting season.


  • going to visit family members, yours and his, alone.


  • listening to the game from your phone because you are working.


  • explaining to your sister why Uncle Coach couldn’t make it to your nephew’s birth.


  • digging through your purse for cash so that one of the players can make it home for the break.


  • when vacation is going to the National Tournament.


  • not asking for help because you’re used to doing it yourself.


  • watching any sport [just depends on the time of year] on television, hearing it on Coach’s computer, and watching him keep up with score on his phone…all at the same time.


  • color coding your planner so you don’t forget the dates/times of upcoming games.


But most of all…being a coach’s wife is the most wonderful title to sum it up.

Granted, this is not a list of everything it means to being a coach’s wife.  As time goes on, as many seasons pass, more and more lessons can be added.

I’m interested.  What makes you a coach’s wife?


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