8 Truths About the Coaches’ Wives


The truth is being a coach’s wife is amazing!  As a coach’s wife we are able to experience not only the games, but some of the travel opportunities and many of the unique adventures alongside our coach.  With that being said, here is a list of ‘truths’ I am sure we can all relate to.


1.  Sports are 365/24/7.  Literally all day, EVERY day.

In our home, we have one television – weird to some, normal for us.  Growing up, like any other coach, my coach played various sports and watched various sports with his father.  If we aren’t at a UPIKE basketball game, we are watching a different sport on television (depending on the time of the year), listening to a game on the radio, or something…somehow sports related.


2.  Coach will rarely sleep.

This is very much true, especially during the season.  From late night practices, to recruiting, to grade checks, to travel days, sleep is rare.


3.  Coach will talk sports with anyone.

Literally…annnyyyyonnneee.  Someone sitting at a table across the restaurant with a team shirt your coach recognizes?  Coach will definitely make sure to strike up a conversation before he steps out.  Every time.  Watch and see.


4.  Vacations are precious.

What are vacations?  Just kidding.  Would you consider a vacation going to the National Tournament in Kansas City?  Or tagging along with Coach to a coaches’ clinic so you can hang out by the pool?  My vacation days are all planned around our basketball schedule.  Sometimes, when we get a long weekend we find ourselves just sitting in our living room watching Netflix.  I’m sure Coach would consider that a vacation…maybe?


5.  You may have to drop some serious $$$.

A coach’s wardrobe isn’t cheap.  When it comes to having a full suit and tie, you look for the best deals that you can.  If you see a pair of dress shoes at a serious discount, you buy them – then and there.  Our favorite times to shop for new clothing are during the Back-to-School and Black Friday sales.  Or basically any time a department store has a coupon!


6.  Postseason is for chores.

Actually, postseason is for anything and everything you can get Coach to do in a two week span before recruiting and camp season begins.  Need something in the house painted?  Need blinds put up?  It will just have to wait until the season is over.


7.  People will ask questions.

After a game, I most always get asked when the next game is or who was number whatever.  My best advice, is to get to know the schedule and know which player is wearing which number.

When a season comes to a close, many are eager to know what the next team’s future holds.  I just refer all questions to Coach.


8.  Coaching never stops.

My husband works around the clock.  Unlike me, he doesn’t clock out a 5:00 PM and go straight home.  After office hours, there’s practice, maybe team dinner, study hall, and obviously games on game day.  Not to mention he, along with the other coaches, do class checks throughout the day to make sure the team is in full attendance.


How many of you can relate to these?  Have more truths to add?  Make sure you leave a comment!

The Uncommon Wife.

  1. Kimmy

    So happy I found your blog. Just recently got married to a college baseball coach. This is our 5th season together and it doesn’t get easier but does keep getting better 🙂 glad to see I’m not the only one doing the craziness.

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