To the Coach’s Wife

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To the Coach’s Wife…

who feels like she isn’t enough,

who rushed out the door late for a game,

who has a never ending pile of laundry,

who hears all the negative comments from spectators,

who tucks the kids in alone at bedtime,

who accidentally planned an event at the same time as a game,

who went to work with two hours of sleep after a game went into overtime,

who eats dinner from the concession stand,

who feels alone when their husband is away for days at a time,

who is mentally and physically drained,

who is trying to “make it” to the end of the season…


I have 3 words for you:  YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.

It may not seem like it now, but it’s true. You are enough and you are not alone. Many of us feel the same exact way – maybe not at the same exact time, but definitely during the season.  With each passing season, we are still learning to live and figure out this uncommon life.

So next time you’re feeling down on yourself, just remember this season, too, shall pass.

The Uncommon Wife.


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