Rebound’s Story

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On a warm, sunny day in September of 2015, Coach and I set out to pick a few items up from the store.  As I turned at the intersection, I saw a sign that would forever change our lives.  “Adoption Fair Today” was all it said.

For as long as I can recall, Coach and I have had the name Rebound picked out for our first pet.  It’s the most fitting name for a basketball coach’s pet, right?? At the Adoption Fair I was set on bringing home a kitten…that is until Coach pointed to a crate under a table that housed a scared little hound puppy.  That’s all it took – just one look at those giant paws and those sad puppy eyes.  We knew from the moment we laid eyes on her that she would be our Rebound.

After signing the adoption papers, we had the associate hold her for a while so we could purchase all the things a nine week puppy would need.  We definitely were not prepared to bring her home!

In the nights to follow, I am pretty sure we caught a slight glimpse of what it is like to have a newborn.  We woke with her every few hours to take her outside, she cried, and she whined.  We even dropped a few hundred dollars at her first doctor’s visit (ouch!).

Since the first night we brought her home, she has brought so much love and joy to us.

She loves to nap.

She loves to run.

She loves car rides.

She loves watching TV.

She loves to nap some more.

She loves being loved.

Do you have a pet?  I would love to hear their story!
The Uncommon Wife.


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**Just a friendly reminder from me to you:  Don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets!**

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