Game Day Essentials

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I don’t know about any of you, but I always carry a large purse with plenty of room.  A large purse means I carry many things.  On game day you will more than likely find water and snacks being packed around.  Here’s a list of things I always have on hand, partly to save money and partly because they are a MUST.

  1. Bottled Water – I always have at least one bottle of water on hand at any given time.  Intense games call for even more water as I’m a “nervous sipper”.
  2. Smartphone – My smartphone never leaves my hand.  Game day didn’t really happen if there aren’t pictures, right??  I am always snapping pictures at our games, whether for my use or for Coach’s.
  3. Spark – AdvoCare Spark is not only a game day essential, but a game day NECESSITY.  I’m not sure how I had any energy before I discovered Spark.
  4. Snacks – I’m not only a nervous sipper…I also munch on snacks quite often.  If I bought snacks at the concession I would be broke as a joke.  Just ask anyone around me.  My love for food is real.
  5. Chapstick – On game day I find myself talking to pretty much the head coach’s wife and to anyone else that wants to listen.  With all my talking to everyone and cheering on the team, Chapstick gets reapplied quite often.

What are your game day essentials?

The Uncommon Wife.

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