Coach is Listening

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Coach and I have a history of moving to a new place at the worst of times.  When we moved into our first apartment, it was the hottest day in June.  Our second move to our town home was during the coldest day in February.  This past year, we bought and moved into our first ‘home’…..the week before conference tournament.  Like I said, perfect timing.

With all of the stress of buying and moving, conference tournament was the icing on the stress cake.  Once we were somewhat settled, all I could talk about was how perfect our front porch would be with a porch swing.  If you know me, you know I -love- to ramble, so the last thing I thought Coach was doing was listening to me.

Weeks went on and on, but all that could cross my mind every time I came home was a porch swing.   Then Coach calls me via FaceTime….he was at a local woodshop where we live.  I got to pick out the style and color of the new swing!  I didn’t know the time frame for my swing, so needless to say, after a while I may or may not have forgotten about it (oops!).  That is until I came home from work one day and there it was in all its glory…MY PORCH SWING!

You see, when you least expect it, every once in a while, Coach is listening.

Happy Fall Y’all!
The Uncommon Wife.

PS. Coach did have help with having the swing hung up 😛

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