Time is Precious


Most people I know wish for more time.  They wish for more time to do their homework, to finish household chores, to watch their child play, to spend on vacation, etc.  If there is one thing that my husband has taught me it is, “you don’t FIND time, you MAKE time”.  You cannot find time lying around on the street or growing in trees.  Everyone is given the same 24 hours; it’s all a matter of how you spend it.

For us, time is precious – especially during the off season (contrary to a past post, You HAVE Enough Time in the Day).  This summer, I have cancelled plans last minute and I have quit things all together in order to prioritize.  My marriage is important to me, as it should be for many.  With such an indefinite schedule, if my husband has a bit of free time I will push plans to the side or even cancel them all together.

Being a coach doesn’t end at 5 o’clock or immediately after a game or practice.  Being a coach not only lasts throughout the day, but also in the community, and at home.  It really is a full-time job.

As you read this, you are more than likely thinking that I am being selfish.  In a way, you’re right.  I do not want to look back and wish I had more time with my husband.  But, do not get me wrong, I still talk and communicate with those in which I have cancelled my plans – because of me rescheduling plans and all of my never ending apologies, they have a much better understanding of what it is truly like to be a coach’s wife.

I love spending time with my high school friend crocheting.  And I love walking my dog.  But more than anything, I love spending Sunday afternoons eating lunch with my husband.

How do you prioritize your time with your coach?

The Uncommon Wife.

  1. Jae

    During the season I made sure to higher a sitter for Saturday or Sunday night date night.

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