20 Facts About Me

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20 Facts

Since I have been absent for a bit, allow me to reintroduce myself!

    1. I have an American name, Filipino facade, and a southern draw.
    2. I am a wife to a college assistant basketball coach.
    3. We have a BEAUTIFUL hound mix, rescue puppy – Rebound <–the perfect name for a basketball family!
    4. I have a degree in Communication.
    5. My biggest downfall is my love for cookies, cakes, and ice cream.
    6. But I love vegetables and eating healthy as well…it’s about balance, right??
    7. I absolutely hate running…but it’s not so bad when you cross the finish line.
    8. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant are my best friends.
    9. I love to read. Thumbs up if you’re a hopeless romantic! 
    10. My two favorite times of the day are lunch time and nap time.  Whichever comes first is fine with me.
    11. Crocheting is also another one of my favorites!  If you can crochet, I can talk your ear off if you will listen.
    12. My best friends are my husband, my dog, and my 66-year-old neighbor.
    13. Thirsty?  Drink some water…because that’s all we have to drink at my house. Seriously.  No soda pop to be found here!
    14. My -ALL TIME- favorite color is purple.  I’m sure you can tell by looking at my blog 😛
    15. My favorite animal, other than my gorgeous Rebound, is the giraffe.
    16. There are a few times in my life I would like to relive:  mine and coach’s first date, our wedding, winning the 2011 NAIA National Tournament, watching Taylor Swift LIVE in concert, and our first trip to Disney..just to name a few.
    17. My favorite meal is a turkey burger and sweet potato fries.
    18. My favorite outfit is a t-shirt and leggings – because leggings are pants no matter what you think.
    19. My planner is my best friend. One day I left it at home and didn’t know what to do.  Literally.  My entire “to do” list was in there.
    20. Go CATS! Go BEARS!

There it is…a list of a few facts about me!  Now, I would like to hear from you.  Leave a few facts about yourself in the comments section.

The Uncommon Wife.

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