You Can’t Make Old Friends

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You Can't Make Old Friends

For days, I have passed a church sign that reads “the best antique is an old friend”. This signage perfectly describes my life for the past year or so.

Antiques are hard to find, hard to keep, and are more valuable than any amount of money can buy.  When you have an antique, you’re supposed to care for it and polish it so that it’s even better than the day you got it.  But what happens when you misplace an antique?

Allow me to back up.

There is always that one friend.  The friend you have had since before you can even remember.  The one you never see coming.  You know, the friend who shared the other peanut butter cup; who knew what you looked like before makeup; before the heartbreaks; and before learning to drive.  The one person you didn’t choose, but God blessed you with anyways.

Me?  I’m lucky enough to have had this type of friend/sister since I was seven.  We met in the second grade and talked for hours after school on the landline – we didn’t have cellphones until we were in high school!  In high school, she would be my 5:00 AM wakeup call and we would sing along to VH1 music videos while we got ready for school….three..hours..early.  We had first day of school sleepovers, spent the summers in the sun, and gossiped about clothes and boys.  In college, we had our fair share of fights, parties, and dances.  We cheered for the Bears and were there for each other when my parents divorced and her mom passed, but then graduation came along.

The real world had come too fast.  Upon graduating, I found myself engaged with a full-time job and she still had another year (I stupidly graduated early??).  She graduated, I got married, and then she moved out of state.

I will not go into specifics, but let’s just say we were, and still are, the same exact person when it comes to holding grudges.  After she moved, an argument/situation arose and we both held a grudge for far too long and for petty reasons.

I missed her wedding, we both missed birthday dinners, I wasn’t there when she got her positive pregnancy test, but the worst of all…we just weren’t there.   After a “lost” year full of grudges, no text messages, Facebooking, late night and early morning phone calls, I decided I had tested my faith for too long.  That’s when I decided to open my Bible for an answer.  You wouldn’t believe it…the first page I opened to was a devotional titled “Remember the Good Ol’ Days?”  The very last line of this devotional is what got to me:

The key is to remember things as they really were, to be content with things as they really are, and to trust God to take care of the future.

Fast forward to today.

My friend and I have finally made amends.

When you lose something that you love and find it again, you realize what it is that you missed.  I encourage you, if there is someone in your life that you need to make amends with, JUST DO IT.  The only person you’re hurting when you hold a grudge is yourself. It’s true when they say “you can’t make old friends”.

The Uncommon Wife.

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