When Coach is Away…

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…the wife will play!

This past weekend, my coach went out of town for a recruiting trip.  If you are anything like me…you get BORED easily.  I knew he was going out of town a few days ahead so I made plans for a jam packed weekend.

While my coach was out, I went to a ‘canning’ class (led by one of my favorite people, Leslie!).  Canning is very common in the Appalachia region, elsewhere too I suppose.  Growing up, I watched my grandma can vegetables, my husband’s grandma cans the best apple butter I have ever tasted, and my mother-in-law just started canning.  Needless-to-say, I was stoked about this class!  Who knew it is much easier than I originally thought to turn cucumbers to pickles?!  Not me.

Cucumbers - Canning Class

As if canning class wasn’t enough for one day, I got lured in by the awesome deals going on in Walmart and Marshalls.  I think I was in both stores for a total of four HOURS.  Every time I go in each there is something new to look at.  Retail therapy does good for the soul.

On Sunday, I decided that we were going to get back on the healthy eating wagon.  Groceries were bought.  Meals were prepped.  Fail to plan, plan to fail.  I also got to workout with my mom, not once – but twice!  We love running and Zumba.

Running with Family

As you can tell, I like to fill my time up!  If you are trying to find things to do in your town while your coach is away recruiting or traveling for a game, I encourage you to check out your local tourism office or Chamber of Commerce for events near you.  I found the community events around me in the news-paper.

What do you do when your coach is out of town?

The Uncommon Wife.

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