Motivational Monday – Cherish

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Motivational Monday - Cherish

Every moment that passes by, happens for a reason.  Good or bad, cherish and live in that moment.  You never know when something will change and you cannot go back.

As a coach’s wife, I cherish all the wins, losses, learning experiences, and traveling that basketball has brought into my life.  My husband proves to me daily that even though one chapter has ended, another is waiting to be written.

As a “regular” wife, I cherish all the new experiences I get to share with my husband.  From trying new foods, to visiting new places, I love sharing new memories!

As a friend, I cherish all the memories from all the happy times I have spent with those who are like family.  Times have changed and our lives may no longer cross paths – but like Wiz Kahalifa and Charlie Puth say in their song See You Again, “We’ve come a long way from where we began, I’ll tell you about it when I see you again.”

As an aunt, I cherish all the times I spend with my niece and nephew at our common place – the lake.

As a coworker, I cherish all the times of struggle.  Why?  During times of struggle, my fellow coworkers have shown me what it is truly like to work with a team that meshes so well together.

What moments do you cherish most?

The Uncommon Wife.

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