Singular Sensation

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Each morning WordPress publishes a daily prompt for bloggers who need a little inspiration.  Yesterday morning, while struggling to find a topic, I found inspiration in this prompt.

If you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be?
Why? What do you want to say to them?

I would want the one person to be a confused, upcoming coach’s wife – obviously, this is why I blog.  I have been where you are.  I know that you are confused and have no idea if you can make it through the season – know that you CAN.  Every wife lives a life that is “uncommon” in many different ways, but a coach’s wife is the most questionable.

The fans in the stands see a man on the bench.  The players see a man that leads.  Your family sees an absence.  What matters most – the most important part – is that YOU see the light that your coach shines to help light the path of a lost young man.


Yesterday was graduation day for the University of Pikeville.  Yesterday, we watched young men walk across the stage to accept a diploma they may have thought otherwise, impossible.  All of their success is not only how they preform on the court or their study habits, but because our coaching staff gave them a chance and role models to look up to.

You see, upcoming coach’s wife, there are more lives being touched than you think!

The Uncommon Wife.


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