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It was not until after I graduated college that I was able to get involved with the local Relay for Life event planning committee.  Since getting involved, I have learned so much about donating, fundraising, and raising cancer awareness.  I am also leading my company’s team!

Being involved in Relay has been a great opportunity for me to meet other men and women in the community and it is a committee that is active during the season.  That’s at least one night of the month, during the season, that I have people to talk to after work hours!

I believe every man and woman should be involved in the community in any way possible.  (This is the small town girl in me talking.)  Not only do you get to meet others, I feel like you truly find yourself by helping others.

By nature, I am genuinely petite.  Because of my petiteness, I am a light weight, literally.  I do not weigh enough to donate blood.  Since I cannot donate blood to save a life, I donated my hair to save someone’s self-esteem.  I did not do this for me or the attention.  This is to raise awareness for those who think they cannot help.  You can.  This is for you.

In grade school, one of my closest friends’ mom found out she had cancer and underwent chemotherapy.  After seeing her wear her wig the first time, she told me she would do anything to have long hair like mine.  All these years later, that moment is still with me.  This is for her.

I attended my first Relay event in 2013, and was completely moved by all of the survivors during the survivors’ lap – some had wigs, some did not, some were 30 year survivors, some two months.  This is for them.

Get Involved


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Peace for the survivors.
Hope for the fighters.
Prayers for the taken.

The Uncommon Wife.

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