Seasons Change

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Seasons Change

As I watched this season come to a close, I couldn’t help but feel a lump of sadness in my throat. I am not sure why, but of all the seasons I have been part of, this is the first I actually never wanted to end. It feels just like yesterday we were just starting this season.  But that is the name of the game and the show must go on!

Now that the season is over, I have had a few people ask me “what will your husband do now?” To answer that, he is going to do the same thing for the next couple of months, just without all the games and practice. Now, we have to get used to Tigh being home in the evenings!

Here is to individual basketball lessons, team camps, recruiting, and most importantly VACATION!

The Uncommon Wife

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  1. Lisa Compton

    Yes, we get one….in a few months! We still have to get through team/individual camps, recruiting, and all that jazz! I hope you are enjoying as well. I can’t wait to see picture of little Miss Kemp!

  2. Amber

    I KNOW what you mean! This season was so special for us! I’ve already started praying for next season and the cohesiveness of our team! It’s amazing how God ordains even the smallest moments!

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