Pure Madness

“We’re all mad here. I’m mad, you’re mad, you must be or you wouldn’t have come here.” -Alice in Wonderland

What a great way to describe the craziness of March Madness? Before I met Tigh, I thought all the Madness came from the amount of games in a short amount of time…true, this is a big part of it, but boy is there so much more!


Outsiders Looking In

The fans in the stands only see two teams playing, refs making calls, and two 20 minute halves. At the end of the game, the fans will see one team win, one lose, one will stay and one will go home. But what really makes March Madness, so mad?

Insiders Looking Out

The true madness of March cannot be seen. From the inside, a coach misses a team dinner so a scouting report can be finished, copied, and stapled. Once your team wins, sure you might see the coaches in the stands watching the next game – but it isn’t for pure enjoyment, they’re taking notes and preparing for the next game.

Click HERE to get a glimpse of what it looks like in the UPIKE locker room once your team makes it to the Elite Eight for the third time in school history.

We’re all mad about March Madness! Some are mad because their team lost. Some are mad because their brackets no longer have a chance. Some are mad because their team did not win by more – hey, a win’s a win during this time of the year! And then there are some who are mad because of people like me. I am the one who stands up to cheer so the people behind can’t see, I yell at the refs when a bad call is made, and excessively clap. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry!

Are you mad for March Madness?

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