March Madness

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March MadnessIn eastern Kentucky, it’s the downward slope (I hope!) of winter. At the moment, everyone is talking about the summer breeze and their summer bodies. With the doom and gloom of this snowy eastern Kentucky day, what is everyone wishing for? You guessed it – VACATION.

There are so many places I want to travel during my vacation time! Since Tigh and I have been together, we have mostly traveled to the beach or to the lake for vacation and have talked about even visiting the west coast. While all of these destinations are fun and whimsical, there’s only two places I would rather be…behind the UPIKE bench – in Frankfort, Kentucky at the Mid-South Conference Championship and in Kansas City, Missouri, at the Buffalo Funds-NAIA Division 1 Men’s Basketball National Championship.  MARCH MADNESS is the highlight of the season!

Basketball games, really? YES.

It is so exciting to be able to watch a team start from the beginning and watch it all pay off at the end. It is even more rewarding knowing that the guys work through all of the blood, sweat, tears, the trials and triumphs, and through the birthdays and holidays, all while keeping their eye on the prize.

When the championships come along, there isn’t anything more exciting than to see the support from the community, the student body, and even the rival teams.

I am already counting down the days!

Prayers for continued wins, injury-free games, and no more snow!


The Uncommon Wife.

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