A Coach’s Wife’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

You are not stunned that I feel overcome throughout the season.

Sit by my side and live in my daily actions.

Give me the strength to keep my thoughts in line as the referees make unnecessary calls and as the opposing fans yell offensive remarks.

I thank YOU for blessing me with a teammate to live this life with and his calling to be a coach.

Thank you for making me stronger than the challenge you have set before me, an extended family across the country, and my faith to get me through.

I know you are watching me, challenging me, and loving me – for these I am also grateful.

Please be with the players, coaches, staff, and all of their families. It is because of them and all of their support that each season goes by with ease.

It is in Your Name I pray,

2 Responses

  1. Michelyn Cynthia Kemp

    This is a great prayer, and one I may need to borrow from time to time. It seems like its the mid-way point for many programs, when things are either going really well or bad.

  2. Lisa Compton

    Thank you! Yes, it’s the midway point for us. With only 3 more home games left, I’m not ready for the regular season to be over!

    I hope all is well with you 🙂

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