Flashback Friday: Reminiscing 2014

December.  A month filled with glitter, home made candy, and upcoming New Year’s resolutions.With only twelve days left in this month, I have found myself reminiscing 2014 – the things I did, the things I wish I had done, people I met and places I have seen.  Year after year, we are hard on ourselves, or see ourselves as unaccomplished when we do not accomplish previous resolutions/goals.

With basketball seasons coming and going, it’s easier to look forward than it is to look backward.  After reading about the notion of a “reverse bucket list,” I thought, ‘looking back at 2014, I have so many accomplishments and changes!’That being said, I have created my own reverse bucket list.  Creating a reverse bucket list is a great way to recall all of the great things you have accomplished.  2014 has been a year of acheiving goals, bettering myself, losing old friends, and gaining new.  But all in all, it has been great!

Here’s what I came up with for my list:

I ran. I’m a runner.

This year my only New Year’s resolution was to run and complete a maximum of two 5Ks.  This year, I have ran and completed FOUR 5Ks!!  I doubled my resolution and I even won my age group in one.  I have honestly never been more proud of myself.  Now, I don’t look at myself as unaccomplished, but now…now I am a runner.  WOW!

New Year, New Job.

As a new year started, I began my new job.  Earlier in the year I earned a position at a new company.  It was a step up from where I was previously.  Not only did I get a new position, my husband did as well!  He successfully went from Assistant Coach to Associate Head Coach.

One Year.

My husband and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary!  I can’t believe one whole year has already passed. Time needs to slow down.  Here’s to many, MANY, more years.  I love you with my whole heart!

Road Trip.

On a whim, two of my college friends and I decided to drive all the way from eastern Kentucky to Kansas City, MO, in order to watch my husband and the UPIKE Bears play in the NAIA National Tournament.  It was a great idea…until we ended up driving until 4 AM.  Even though our team lost the game after driving all those hours, we were able to enjoy authentic Kansas City BBQ and visit Santa Claus, Indiana.

I have more things that can be put on my reverse bucket list, but that’s enough about me.  What’s on your reverse bucket list?  Can you think of an accomplishment or two, or five, that you haven’t patted yourself on the back for this year?  Sit down and write out a few things that make you awesome.  It’ll make you feel as great as you are.  And leave a comment!  I’d love to hear from you.

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