3 Basketball Wife “Must Haves”

As a coach’s wife, I most often get asked “how do you do it?”


First, let me start at the beginning.  I never thought I would be married to a basketball coach.  When we first started dating, my husband was a student assistant and I was still an undergraduate.  At first it was hard because he would go out of town to away games for days at a time.  I guess if you fast forward to today, you could say I am pretty used to the flow of basketball season. But whatever the case, there are three things that keep me somewhat sane:


A hobby.  There are many lonely nights and boring weekends, especially during the season.  A few years ago I picked up crocheting.  I have found that it can not only pass the time, but that I am pretty good at it!  We currently do not have children or pets, so I always look for something new to crochet.  If crocheting isn’t for you, try escaping the world with a good book.


‘Thick skin.’  People are going to say things that you don’t want to hear – whether it be a rude comment about your husband or a nasty remark about your team.  Sometimes, more often than not, you just have to bite your tongue.  On some rare occasions, I find myself sitting next to the opposing team’s number one fan.  I normally let most remarks and comments slide, but it is hard hearing such discouraging words being spoken.  But that is the name of the game.  It happens.


Patience.  Coaches put a great amount of time into what they do.  My coach is normally not finished with duties until an hour or so after the game. Then you add in travel time home, and all of it is extended if it’s an away game.  Being patient is hard, especially after an exciting win and a tough loss.

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